V.O. house under construction

With delays being the norm for a cost sensitive and complicated project, the demolition kicked off in November(!), 2010.  Clients were unfazed by the approaching winter: they liked the contractor and were itching to start.  The framing was completed in mid-December with the house weathered-in before New Year’s Eve of 2011. The winter weather set us back by several weeks, but at this point, in late April, the interior is almost in move-in condition and the second phase of the project is getting ready to start. The ceiling of an existing office and ad-hoc bedroom on the second floor will be removed to allow for the installation of the cantilevered balcony and the roof deck immediately after. Hopefully the Van Ordens will be able to enjoy the view over the rooftops in Clifton on Memorial day.

An article on the design of the V.O. house can be found here.

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